Improving the Justice System for Victims

CSC reporting on Ombudsman’s position on victim rights Improving Justice for Victims “The system needs to be more flexible and adaptable in terms of particularly with people that participate, for example, vulnerable victims such as children, older persons, persons with disabilities.” One of the reports also suggests putting victims at the centre of the debate … Continue reading Improving the Justice System for Victims

Court Preparation Resource

To navigate this interactive media, please use the links on the left-hand side or the “next & prev” buttons at the bottom right of the interactive media. For the full page, click on link below. Court Preparation As of mid-January 2016 all amendments to the program have been approved in accordance with the implementation of … Continue reading Court Preparation Resource

Questionnaire for Victims of Crime and Trauma

The Bow Valley Victim Services Association, in conjunction with the Alberta Police Based Victim Services Association is undertaking a very exciting project – asking victims of crime and trauma across Alberta if the services we provided were of help and met their needs. But for this project to succeed, we need your help. We are therefore inviting … Continue reading Questionnaire for Victims of Crime and Trauma