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    Hello Members,

    Are you paying your volunteer advocates for their vehicle mileage for call-outs, court proceedings, and or other volunteer related travel activities?

    Please share your thoughts on this!



    We pay whatever the RCMP (.50.5) mileage rate is for anything out of town. We also pay parking fees for court.



    Bev, are your advocates paid for km’s to calls and going to the office to volunteer as well as other work related issues where they user their own vehicles?


    You can’t use Sol. Gen. grant money for Honorariums so I load a credit card and then give the card as an appreciation. We have vehicle that our advocates use and when they go on course I rent them a vehicle.



     yes, .50 /km for callouts and out of town training. We also pay for parking at the court house.  We do not give honorariums.  Darcie, how much do you give for the credit cards per advocate – do you have a years of service scale that you use or same for everyone…

    Gloria Derksen




    We pay the RCMP rate for milage. We pay for the advocates who live out of town to drive in, from there they take the unit vehicle.We will cover the expenses they incur while doing business for our unit.  We do not give an honorarium as such, but we give recognition. At Christmas our Advocates receive $100 gift certificate to the place of their choice. We have recently just bought them yoga suits to wear on call outs (with VSU in reflective print on them). We do quarterly functions for them that include dinner and an activity: 2 family oriented/ 2 adults only. We pay for meals at the monthly meetings and are always looking for other little ideas to recognize them.
    I love all my advocates and would be lost without them. I do my best to make sure that they know this all the time.



    Good Morning:  Shirley here from Fort Saskatchewan.   We pay our  in town advocates $75.00 per month and our rural advocates $100.00 per month.   Any out of detachment area mileage there are paid for at .505 goverment rate, however I just noticed it has been increased to .51 per km.  There are also reimbursed for parking at the court house in Edmonton, if required.   Trusting this is the information you require.    

    Have a great day…..


    Colleen Talpash

    We pay our advocates .55 per km for call outs and out of town training. They have to submit an expense report for payment and I find most do not claim for call outs.




    Provincial Gov Rate, $0.505



    As most of our advocates are rural, we pay the current RCMP rate from home to site and return.  We do not have a program vehicle, advocates use their personal ones for call-outs and our board has a ‘no transport’ policy, unless we are ‘directed’ in an emergency by RCMP.  We will also reimburse for insurance riders  for use of personal vehicle (although I don’t recall anyone submitting expense for this), as well request that advocates carry 2 mil liability ins.

    Bernie – Beaverlodge

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