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    Can I get the “pro’s & con’s” of your experience with Maximizer..I’m thinking of implementing but I am wanting some feed back first..


    Paul Schmidt

    Jasper Victim Services has been using Maximizer for the past year. I limit some of the day to day functionality in favour of being able to easily generate reports for the Solicitor General, so that would be the one downside that I see. I am able to track all statistics that are required through the system, and that is working very well for us.



    We have done over one year with this.  I has cut down our file management time a great deal.  Our files are now entirely electronic.  Court dates and followup dates are very easy to follow and change (clic of a mouse).  Notes are dated and times as we add them to a file.  The search engin is quick, less than a minute to find any information on a previous file.  Members often come to us to look for phone numbers etc..  The colour graphs are very quick to print on any community, crime type, member refferral or whatever.  I would never go back to a manual system, end neither would the other staff.



    I can’t speak to whether it is better than Maximizer or not, because I haven’t used Maximizer, but I am happy with what we have.   We work with an Excel spreadsheet that tracks all our data in one file.  The Sol. Gen. report data is extractable using filters and by sorting the data.  If you would like a copy of our Excel file I’m happy to provide it to you.



    Hi Lesley, I would very much appreciate it if you would send me a copy to view. Forward it to Thank you to everyone who replied! :o)



    Hi Lesley.  I would also like to see the spreadsheet that you use.  Hope you don’t mind sending me a copy as well.

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