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    I’m wondering what system your program uses to contact your volunteer advocates when they are on-call and they are requested to respond to a call e.g. do they carry pagers or do you use a cell phone with one phone number that advocates access via call forwarding?

    Could you also let me know how well your system is working for you i.e. pros and cons

    We are still using RCMP pagers, but all Telus pagers will be discontinued as March 31, 2015, so we need to update to a better system.





    Hi Peter,

    We were given a phone by the detachment (the rugby flip model) that the on call carries. The number is on our on call board with the advocates name and the number has been sent to the members (almost all use the on call number). We don’t call forward. All the members have my personal cell number and if for some reason the on call can’t be reached, I am texted and I send advocates out at that point.

    I find this works really well. The advocates contact me if they have to leave the detachment and again when they are back. The only real con we have run into at this point is sometimes the advocate forgets to pick up or to return the phone for the next advocate. It just means that I am getting calls. We are going to try and get a group calendar that we can load to our smart phones so that we all know who is on call/when.

    I have also found that my advocates check in weekly just because, whether they are on call or not. We seem to have developed a decently strong team that works well and communicates outside of the VSU required times.

    Feel free to call me if you want to talk.

    Lac La Biche VSU

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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