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    Lynne Fowler

    Units that own their own vehicles, What type of transportation is provided for victims?

    Started by: Lynne Fowler



    Hi Lynne: In Wabasca there is no transportation system. We have two vehicles and we have to transport victims most often to shelters and court.


    I will have to check this out more often, I see this was started near the new year.

    We have a VSU vehicle, we lease a Ford Escape. We have provided transportation to court and to the Women’s Shelter in Peace River (an hour away). This isn’t something we offer outright, we usually ask them what arrangements they’ve made to get to court and if they can get there on their own, we let them.

    Sometimes it’s not offered and depending on who they are – not all victims are nice people and some have sketchy police records of their own, and they will have to get there on their own.

    If we are transporting we let a member or Mary the admin person know when and where we are going and who is going with us and then we report in that we have arrived at the court/shelter and when we are leaving there to come back.

    If it’s court a lot of times a member is travelling the same highway to the same proceeding as well.


    also, I should’ve said that we always take another advocate or Golda and I both go. Always in two’s.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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