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    Hi Paul,

    Bow Valley Victim Services has received municipal funding for approx. 20 years from the 5 municipal districts we serve. Our current operational year budget is $209,000 (2015/16). From this we receive $93,000 from JSG, Victims of Crime Fund. Grants received from municipal partners (and the approx populations of each community) are listed below. Hope it helps, Peter

    Town of Canmore – $27,500 (16,000)
    Town of Banff – $21,750 (9,000 + 3 million tourists per year)
    MD of Bighorn (Exshaw) – $2,889 (1,000)
    ID #9 Lake Louise – $5,400 (1,500)
    ID of Kananaskis – $1,250 (500)

    Total – $58,789

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    Following up from Paul’s post last month, Bow Valley Victim Services has been receiving municipal funding for approximately 15 years.
    As we serve 5 municipal districts, in late 1990’s we requested funding from all regions, based on population served and the number of people in each community assisted. We also requested these funding amounts to be part of municipalities budget and not part of the FCSS  budget – due to the limitations of the FCSS grant.
    Initial process began by inviting representatives from each region to attend a meeting to discuss this shared funding concept and discuss the value our services to each community. Through this shared funding approach, we may provide 50% of our services in one community e.g. Canmore, but we are only asking mayor and council to support 12% of our total operational costs…which seems like a fair deal to each community.
    Since late 1990’s we have received funding from each region, every year. List of 2013 grants that have been awarded to the BVVS are shown below, including approx population of each community.
    The other great thing about this process is that we often make in-person presentations to mayor and council, so they are aware how their grant will be spent. Once people hear about the work we do, they couldn’t be more supportive. Below are comments from a 2012/13 funding discussions, when the MD of Bighorn approved our most recent grant request.
    Bighorn Reeve Dene Cooper said he supported continuing to support BVVS.

    “I have incredible admiration for what these people do. These people do incredibly good work in awful moments,” Cooper said.
    Councillor Reid Thomas, who also supported the motion, questioned if the amount was enough, given the importance of the work the BVVS does.
    If you have specific questions about these funding applications, please contact me directly and I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.
    –          2013 funding Town of Canmore – $27,500 – Population 16,000.
    –          2013 funding Town of Banff  – $21,750 – Population 12,000
    –          2013 funding ID #9 Lake Louise $5,400* – Population 1,500
    –          2013 funding MD Bighorn $2,889 – Population 1,000
    –          2013 funding ID of Kananaskis  $1,250  – Population 500
    * Lake Louise is a higher grant proportional than other communities as they gave us double the amount requested a couple of years ago

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