2017 APBVSA Personnel Survey

The 2017 APBVSA Personnel Survey is ready for your input and participation!

2017 APBVSA Personnel Survey

On behalf of Paul Schmidt and the APBVSA Executive, you are asked to complete the 2017 Personnel Survey. If you encounter problems or have questions here is Paul’s contact information: Jasper Victim Services Coordinator ph: 780-852-2275 f: 780-852-3883

Over the years we have steadily increased the number of responses, and we appreciate your participation as we capture the most complete picture possible. The APBVSA receives many emails and phone calls looking for the information from past year’s surveys and many times these Program Managers or their Boards were able to more fairly negotiate their employment agreement, wages, benefits, etc.

Thank you in advance for participating in this Survey, please complete the Survey with as much detail, and as soon as possible. We will leave it open as we are hoping to get all Programs to complete it this year. The results will be presented at the June 23rd AGM. The APBVSA Executive recognizes that some questions may be difficult to answer, but please do your best to enter your Program’s information. Most Program Managers are responding in less than 20 minutes, your Quarterly reports from 2016 will assist you.

We recognize that much of what you share is personal however when we compile the results, we do remove the Question #1 which specifically identifies the Program.
Please keep in mind that this sharing of information is the best way to assist your fellow Program Managers. Some of the types of information that you can compare are: where files are referred from, the use of company vehicles, wages, overtime arrangements, benefits, other staff positions within Programs, info on Board and Advocate numbers, years of experience, etc.

Please note the following Survey Monkey reminders:

When filling in numbers for the numerical questions, the text box only accepts positive, whole numbers for the answer choice.  If respondents type in decimal numbers (.) or insert characters like dollar signs or symbols ($), it returns an error that the question does not accept those characters.  Symbols such as: $, (,), % etc. will also NOT be accepted.

2017 Personnel Survey RESULTS:

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